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Peter Adkison and the WotC Theme Song

We've saved a "very special" clip for last ... that's right, this will be the last audio clip we post. Gen Con is next week, and the 40 Years of Gen Con book is scheduled to arrive at our warehouse from the printer tomorrow, so soon you'll be able to read the book instead of just hearing about it from us!

In this clip from his interview with Robin Laws for 40 Years of Gen Con, Gen Con CEO Peter Adkison recalls his first trip to the show in 1992 as head of a fledgling company called Wizards Of the Coast. Peter also serenades us with a stirring
rendition of the WotC theme song.

INTERVIEW AUDIO CLIP: Peter Adkison and the WotC Theme Song


Peter's other company, Hidden City Games has lined up "Hereos" star Hayden Panettiere for an appearance at the Gen Con Family Pavilion on Sunday, August 19th. I handle outreach for Hidden City Games, which has a line of trading Cards for girls with illustrations of horses called Bella Sara. Hope to see you there!


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