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Included Contributers REVEALED!

The 40 Years of Gen Con book went off to press on Saturday, so I'm pleased to be able to announce the names of the story and photo contributors who were included in the book. Please note that ALL photo contributors for the book are listed here ... since some people sent their submissions to me personally instead of via the website.

Also note that because of the huge number of contributors -- there are over 120 people listed in the credits! -- I'm not able to say exactly which of your photos or stories were included. Everyone on this list will be receiving a complimentary copy of the book, though, so it's just a matter of waiting for it to come out in August. Comp copies will be available for pickup at the Gen Con Indy gift shop. I'll be sending out individual emails to everyone with the specifics sometime before Gen Con, so please be patient ... and don't worry, we can mail your book to you if you're not going to be at Gen Con.

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks for your help!

STORY CONTRIUBTORS: Ian Carter, Richard Carter, Bill Dunn, Leah Hand, Patrick Seymour, Eric Sterns, Jae Walker, Michael Yates

PHOTO CONTRIBUTORS: Jason Brown, Jeff Carey, Mike Carr, Ernest Cline, Michael Cox, Robert Derme & Robert Peter Derme II, Andrea Dietrich, Les Edwards, Zen Faulkes, Anthony Gallela, Cynthia Hart, Jessica Hashman, Mike Hawkins, Tracy Hickman, Natalie Jaran, Erica King, Marian McBrine, Emma Mears for Ian Livingstone, Jeff Menges, Bart Miller, Bryce Nakagawa, Terry O’Brien, Don Perrin, Bryon Petrie, Randy Porter, Kevin Preece, Martin Ralya, Duke Seifried, Lisa Stevens, Ryan Tackett, Jae Walker, Tom Wesley, Wendy Wyman, Michael Yates



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The Book: 40 Years of Gen Con

In 40 Years of Gen Con, gaming guru Robin D. Laws chronicles the story of every gamer's lifetime. It's a documentary history that reaches out to four decades of gamers to form a vast collage of the Gen Con experience from every point of view -- from the gamers playing in the halls, to the staffers behind the scenes, to the exhibitors on the sales floor. 40 Years of Gen Con is a treasure trove of personal interviews with game industry insiders and luminaries, including ...

Peter Adkison * Dave Arneson * Ron Edwards
Larry Elmore * Kaja Foglio * Phil Foglio * Matt Forbeck
Ed Greenwood * E. Gary Gygax * Tracy Hickman
Kenneth Hite * Steve Jackson * Harold Johnson * Tim Kask
Ian Livingstone * Douglas Niles * Mike Pondsmith
Mark Rosewater * R. A. Salvatore * Duke Seifried
Greg Stafford * Lisa Stevens * John Tynes * Jim Ward
Margaret Weis * Jordan Weisman
John Wick * Steve Wieck * Skip Williams

... and many, many more. This epic collection of oral histories, photographs, reminiscences, and more tells the inside story of the best four decades in gaming!


The Website:

This web site was designed specifically for Gen Con attendees to share their personal stories and photos, and to vote for their favorite submissions ... the contributors of the 50 top-ranked submissions each received a FREE 4-day pass to Gen Con Indy 2007! We also selected some of the submissions to use in the book, and those contributors recieved a complimentary copy of it and their name in the credtis. To see all of the submissions, visit the photo gallery and the story forums ... they're closed to new submissions, but they're still a great piece of Gen Con history!

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